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The Sweater Song

Monday, January 16, 2006

"If you want to destroy my sweater
Pull this thread as I walk away (as I walk away)
Watch me unravel i'll soon be naked
Lying on the floor, lying on the floorI've come undone..."

20 points if you can name that song and the band.

So here I was, cruising along on the t-shirt sweater watching Grey's Anatomy last night. And before I knew it, the back piece was done as well. So I pin them together to see how it's going to fit and my pieces aren't measuring up. I then decide to rip back part of the back piece to see where I messed up. Here's where we were when I finally went to bed at 1am

Here's where we are now

I don't know how I messed this up, but I did. If I put the pieces together as if to seam there was nearly I two inch difference. If I put them together back against a front, they line up. With a measuring tape I found that there's an inch difference; I counted rows and found a three row difference. My gauge is five rows per inch. Yes, I know how to measure and count. Clearly something isn't right and since I don't know which piece is wrong, I have to start all over again. At least I know I can knit this up quickly. I did the front piece in one day (it took ALL day but still). I'm a little frustrated, just a bit though.

Last week I saw this really cool bag in Knitters magazine. It's the first bag on this page. I love it, but can't spend that much on a bag. NO big deal, I can make one. Haha. here's my attempt:

Really it's not that bad. It's tad shorter and a tad wider. It's just plain ol' chocolate brown fabric that I found, and I sewed the pink ribbon on it. Added a pink lining and two inside pockets and voila! And it cost me all of $5 dollars. I can fit 8 balls of the Atacama yarn in it with some room leftover. I would still like the "real bag" but for now this will work.

I bought that book I mentioned in my last post. I couldn't resist a 20% off everything sale at knithappens. I also ordered 7 balls of Rowan Felted tweed in Herb to make Salina. I'm going to start a small knit-a-long for it so stay tuned for details.

Bloglines is still having issues. I finally got a reply last night from their tech support. It took 4 days all so they could tell me "We appreciate that you have brought this to our attention. We have forwarded your information to the appropriate technical department for further investigation, and regret any inconvenience" It's a good thing I don't pay for this service. Wonder how long this will take?

We're of to Grandmom's house for a wee visit. Translation: Break for Mommy. Yay!