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Monday, January 23, 2006

So, I had like three different posts for the last week. Shocking I know. But I never got around to it because my whole family was hit with some mutant bug thing. The fever is gone, but we are all just a coughing away. My thoughts are all scattered right now (as usual). I have to entertain 12- five year olds this Saturday at Burger King so I'm trying to get things together for that. And I'm trying to get ready for my sock class in less than two weeks. I have one sock knitted up for it, but need to write out my pattern and some information sheets I want to give out. I wanted to talk about the Knitting Olympics. Will I or won't I? And I still need to set up the Salina Knit along I'm going to host. *I'm going to feel real dumb when no one signs up for it* But right now, I'm in a drug induced haze, thanks Dayquil, so I'll just show you all the new stuff I got. (I feel like a braggart, but I swear I'm not!)

***Picture Heavy***

Remember the box seen here? How about I show you what was in it?

That's 15 skeins of Mission Fall 1824 Wool. 7 skeins of a rust color and 8 skeins of a clay color. One skein of Cascade 220, a bag of coilless safety pins (love those) and the book is Noro Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton book 2. You know, the one with the Klaralund pattern.

Also in the box were these awesome candles. There's eight of the lavender vanilla votives, and then the three tins. Plus some really awesome fruity tea. (Awesome is today's theme I suppose.)

but wait! There's more.... A bunch of knitting notecards, a picture frame, notepads, a sheep bookmarker all the way from Ireland, and this kick ass journal. You see the pinup girl in the red swimsuit? The red part is actual beads. Love it! I collect journals, but I don't write in them. Yes, it's weird. I just love to look at them. But this one, I think I might make it my FO journal. Just to keep a little record of my knitting, since I can't remember what I knit a month ago.

But wait! There's still more!
This really cute chenille bear (which the daughter has stolen from me). And quite possibly my most favorite things in the box: Silver Fairy earrings from Ireland! I looooove Fairies. *My brother is supposed to be designing a new tattoo for me of a Fairy knitting....I only asked him to do it a year ago.* A cute Irish Sheep pin, again, from Ireland. Did I ever tell you (SP) that I am Irish? And some cool beaded stitch markers.

Here's a close up. The charms on the stitch markers say: believe, love, hope, peace and dream. And notice the one on the left? It's a little sweater on knitting needles.

SP6 you outdid yourself!! This box was well worth the wait. Thank you for everything!

I'm thinking I should rename my blog again. How about "I bought more yarn, again"? If I were to go through my archives, I bet over 50% of my posts are stash acquisitions. So of course, when I saw this new "a-long", I had to join. It's the "Buy More Yarn" along. This should be fun, and way too easy!

And to make sure I don't disappoint you, here's some more new yarn.

My first two Rowan books/mag. I got #37 to knit butterfly, and three balls of kid silk haze in the most beautiful baby pink for it. (This was bought with my X-mas money so Thanks Mom and Dad). Rowan Vintage style book to knit Salina, and 7 balls of Rowan Felted tweed in Herb for this one. I have always wanted to knit with tweed yarn, and this one feels/looks great. It has flecks of white, navy blue, and grey, so pretty!
Those other two skeins of yarn...The green one is Vesper Sock Yarn in Crew. I haven't decided if I'm going to keep it for myself or give it to Emmy. I love the bright green, but not sure about that dark green. I would kill for some Vesper in Paisley (hint-hint).

That other ball is an amazing find.... It's schaefer fingering weight yarn. It's an exclusive yarn from The Knitting Chocolate. I don't even know what it's called. The label simply says "content: champagne -- 75%merino, 25% silk" . It's not even listed on the schaefer website. So what's so awesome about this yarn? That ball is 930 yards of silk/merino and it cost me all of $32!!! For 930 yards! I was going to make family socks with it, but now I'm thinking it would work better for something else. Don't know what though.

Phew! One last thing....It looks like bloglines is picking up my feed finally. I didn't hear from their tech support for five days so I -emailed them and basically said "Why hasn't the problem been fixed, it's been 8 days?" And they wrote back saying they would reset the feed, but that might not work. Well, it did. What I want to know is why it took 8 days to do that? And why I had to write them more than once to "remind" them. *sigh* At least I don't have to use the old blog for updating, for now.