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Knitting Olympics

Friday, January 27, 2006

Yes, I'm late to the game. It's been blogged about everywhere, by everyone. I'm not even going to link to it, because everyone else has. I danced back and forth wether I would do this or not. I even have three projects that would be a challenge, but that I could probably pull off. IF I wanted to.

I have always thought of myself as a product knitter. You won't see me knit a sock yarn with four different patterns/needle sizes to see what I like best. I cast on knit and finish. I don't rush through my projects, but I don't exactly take my time. And knitting, for me, is my stress reliever. It takes the edge off, and I get some great wear-ables at the same time. So this Olympic knitting should really be a walk in the park for me. I could do it. It might take a little more push, and a little more sleep, but I could do it. But do I really want to? I mean, if I start pushing myself to get it done...And then the stress kicks in because I "might not" finish by deadline. And then what would I do to relieve the stress brought on by my stress reliever? (Yeah, I'm over thinking this. So what?) And then will I be enjoying the process? Wait! I thought I was purely a product knitter. Turns out, there's a little bit of process in me after all. I think I'll call myself a produss knitter for now.
So I've decided not to do Olympic knitting. Who knows, the night before I might change my mind and if so, I can just silently knit along.

I'm in a mini-knitting funk right now. I finished knitting the pieces for the Ella rae t-shirt. They are blocked and sitting on the table waiting for assembly. The pattern says to seam with the backstitch. I don't like it though.... And I can't decide if I want to graft it together, or follow the instructions. And since I can't decide, it's just sitting there. And I have nothing on the needles. Nothing. I don't want to start my next sweater until this one is done. I have so much sock yarn, that I can't decide which one I want knit next. I'm obviously suffering from icantdecideitis this week. And I'm still sick *whine* And that party we are having tomorrow for Emily...It's up to 14 five year olds now. Stuffed into a little Burger King, and all the parents too. What. Was. I. Thinking?

I'm also supposed to be setting up a knit along for Salina. A certain blogger said she wished someone would set one up and my big mouth said I would. I want to, I don't mind the work. But I'm so sure that no one will sign up for a kal by me, that I can't motivate myself to even get the info together. I'll think on this a little longer.

I did sign up for Socakpaloooza. I still need to put the cute ass button on my sidebar.

So you see, I'm just a whiny, complaining, non-knitting gal this week. And to top it off, I feel the need to buy something. Some knitting somethings. So I've been wandering all my favorites sites, and nothing is screaming "Buy me". So what do you want to buy right now or should I say, what have you bought lately? Maybe that will help me not buy anything. Who knows....

I'm so not in my head today, as evident by the ramblings in this post. I think I'll go curl up with my favorite blanky and a good movie. Wait...I don't like to watch movies without knitting. Which brings me back to what to knit. *sigh* It never ends.....

***Yes, I know life could be SO much worse. Just let me think that my problems are that bad for now.