Poke You With My Sticks


Monday, February 05, 2007

FYI: This post is full of medical stuff, gross details and things you probably don't need or want to read.

Things are not going well after my surgery. I should have known. If you know my track record, you should have known too...I'm sneaking a few moments from my bed-rest to blog a quick update.

The surgery itself went well, I assume. Of course, it took five sticks before they got a vein for the iv. I was discharged around 6pm (surgery was at 12:45) My Dr. did not come see me/speak to me before the surgery OR after. When discharged, I was given an antibiotic that I have a known severe allergy too. The Dr. had already left the hospital so the nurse said not to worry about and gave me nothing. Dr. called and left a message friday morning and the ONLY thing he said was, "I"m waiting for pathology results and I'll call you back." Didn't say what he did or didn't do/find. Friday went well. A little pain, lots of pain drugs. Saturday, even less pain and less drugs. And then I started spotting. And by Saturday night, I was gushing, and passing clots. I thought it was a small after affect (Mind you, my dumb ass doctor never told me a single thing to expect afterwards.) Sunday, still bleeding and I couldn't sit up anymore. I was so dizzy and lightheaded, the room spinning. Finally, Sunday night my Dad took me to the ER (remember my husband is now in California on business).

Long story short...the ER got a hold of my pathology report and found out exactly why I was bleeding so much. During my sugery, the DR. removed my left ovary and left fallopian tube. AND DIDN'T THINK IT WAS SOMETHING HE SHOULD TELL ME?!?!?!?!?! According to the report my fallopian tube was diseased and attached to the pelvic wall.There was a large cyst on my ovary that was bleeding out. The official diagnosis from the report I have, word for word is, "complex left ovarian cyst and adhesive disease." I'm not mad that he took it out, obviously, it needed to be. But why in God's name didn't he share this with me the day I had my surgery.

I was kind of loopy last night so I don't remember all the medical jargon the ER doc used, but he said something about my blood level being 12, and at 10 I would have to have a transfusion. Thankfully, it doesn't look like that will happen. I'm still bleeding, but much less. I'm still woozy, but much less.

But I am so angry. And stunned. I have an appt. tomorrow morning at 9 a.m., and a laundry list of questions. And yes, once I'm healed and done with this Dr.....I will NEVER go there again.

I have to get back to the couch now...I'm starting to feel woozy, and the words are blurring. But I just needed to vent real quick about what happened.

Stay warm out there. It's fucking cold.