Poke You With My Sticks


Monday, October 30, 2006

So I did sign up for Socktober. But did I post the button? No. Did I answer the questionaire? No. Did I knit some socks? Why, YES, yes I did. My goal was to knit two pairs of socks. I'm halfway there. I finished these last week and figured I should try my hardest to get them posted before the end of Socktober. (I won't mention the hellish time we are having with our Adelphia internet. The tech is coming out next week. That's three times in 3 or 4 months?!?!)

These are the Up Scale dragon socks knit with Scout's Puesta del sol yarn. I love love love knitting with this yarn. The colors made me so happy. And I had a TON leftover. I really wanted to finish Jason's dragon socks too. At this point, I have one cuff done. It's going to be a while. And that's it for the knitting content.
I'm am planning a hat for myself. I'm searching for the right sport weight, solid yarn for a soft and warm hat. Nothing too pricey. It is just a hat, you know? Any suggestions?

We've been crazy busy around here the last month or so. I've started some new medicine (for womanly issues) and my body didn't like it all too much. Thankfully, the side effects are starting to wear off. The kids finished soccer season last week and now eagerly await Halloween. We took them to a Pumpkin festival two weeks ago... It was a blast. We couldn't leave without a group picture. It's me, the kids and Grand-mom (Pop-Pop is behind the camera) Big surprise, I'm the sheep. I'm so evil I fought my daughter over it ;)

Here's a picture of the barrel train ride they had. It's pulled by a John Deere tractor. Christian and Emily are the front two. It was really cute and they loved it!

Of course, the kids did pony rides and had to have their own cowboy hats to go along.

This is one of my all time favorite pictures of Emily (I took it too.) She is so darn photogenic, something she did not get from me.

I'll leave you with this picture of Smudge (on the right) and Leo. Ain't it sweet..... If you click for the larger picture, you can see their paws are crossed together.