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I survived!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Thanks for all the well wishes everybody! I am feeling much much better today and eating everything in sight. The colonoscopy went amazingly well. Seriously. I held out for so many years out of fear and it was so much better this time. For one thing, I didn't wake up during the procedure this time. I was even taken back 30 minutes early, at 8:30. And out of the hospital by 10am. The sedatives were great :) I passed out before I could even start to count backwards from ten. Guess I'm a good patient. And just as expected, the results are all good. Nothing there. (The only way to diagnose IBS is to rule out every other bowel disorder.) I rested most of yesterday and I'm back on my anti-biotics, lower dose, so hopefully I won't get so sick. And then it's back to Doc in two weeks to talk about the next step.

I haven't been knitting too much, again. I was so stressed all day Sunday, not being able to eat, that I couldn't sit still long enough to knit anything. All I have OTN is a sock and I'm a little bored with it. I wound yarn for three different projects last night though. It's all packed up with patterns and any notion I may need. Packed? Oh yeah.... We're leaving this week-end for a short visit to Ohio. We haven't seen Hubby's family in three years, and they're having a big 4th of July thing, so we figured why not? I'm a little nervous, for no reason really. We've never been away from our house that long (pathetic) but more importantly, my kitties. My babies...I know they'll manage, but Leo sleeps with me very night. Neither of us sleep well without the other... Should be interesting. Hopefully, I'll have some Fo's to report. We'll be spending most of our time on a lake, and with so much family around, I plan on pawning the kids off on whoever is closest. ;)

I have loads of e-mails to send but I haven't been able to get into hotmail today, at all! I got up at 8, and the server that holds my account is down. It's now 3:30 pm and still nothing....I'm going nuts without my e-mail. So if you're waiting to hear from me, that's why you haven't, yet.

I have to go get the kids ready for baseball practice.... I'm not sure if I'll have a chance to blog again before we leave Saturday...So just in case.... Have a Safe, Happy and Fun 4th of July. I'll see you guys soon :)