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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The knitting mojo that is. I've been a knitting fool for the last two weeks. I got this crazy urge to finally start the Central Park Hoodie. I've had the pattern since it came out, and even lost it and had to buy another copy of the magazine. So two weeks ago, I decide it's time. I wanted to knit a red sweater. I also wanted to use Cascade 220. I found a color I liked online, but really wanted to start that day which meant finding it locally. So, I got in my annoying fancy little rental car, drove up to Richmond and started the search. I went to three Ben Franklins and no one had the shade I wanted so I ended up buying a heather color. I don't remember the number but it's a dark blue (maybe denim) with grey heathered. I love it!

I came home started winding the yarn, and I was on my way. As of tonight, I have everything knitted. Tomorrow I block, then seaming making the hood and the button band. Friday, I'll look for some buttons. I am really amazed at how quickly this pattern knit up. And easily. Of course.....This might have helped pass the time....

I had the urge to watch the entire series of Alias. So for our wedding anniversary (which was on Dec. 2nd, Nine years!!!) Jason bought me season 2, season one not being found anywhere. I went through them in just a few days, and ended up buying 3 and 4. Rumor has it, season 1 was special ordered for under the Christmas tree ;)

FYI: Alias and knitting go together very well.

Last time I blogged, I mentioned some socks I've been working on. I'm happy to say that I finished those as well, while watching Alias of course. What do you think of these babies?

I am UTTERLY in love with these socks!!! I used Wendy's Generic Toe Up sock pattern and Diakeito Diamusee fine. I had this yarn in my stash for exactly a year. When I bought it I knew I wanted to make basic pair of socks with the yarn, but at the time I was too busy trying out patterned socks. So I just put it away. Then, along came sock hop yarn. I waited, and waited to buy some and one day it dawned on me....the diakeito is slightly similar. The twist of colors, the stripes, so I figured it was better than nothing and on the needles it went. I knit it at a smaller gauge than I needed to because I liked the fabric when I knit on addis size 1, anything bigger was too loose for me. To compensate, I used 64 sts for the sock instead of 60. Because I did knee highs, I was really worried that I wouldn't have enough yarn. (I had two balls.) So I started the ribbing early. Once I realized I had plenty left, I just did three inches of ribbing instead of two. It doesn't look bad, but more importantly, I think they stay up better with the extra inch. They fit like a glove, and are so dreamy. And I love love love the stripes. If I ever have a chance to buy more of this, you bet your butt I will. And you should too....

So what's up next for me? Well, as soon as I finish the CPH I'm moving on to the Stranded Colorwork Challenge. I recently realized that I don't have a winter hat. Not a single hat, and I've been knitting for how long.... When I saw the traditional hat from Bea Ellis Knitwear, I knew I wanted it. My winter coat is red, gray and cream so I decided to stay with the neutrals. I bought the kit with cream and a medium gray. It looks a little darker that the one in the pattern picture, but it'll do.

But wait!! What's that other yarn on the right? Well, the day after I ordered my kit Eunny debuted her new pattern, Anemoi mittens (which I think everyone has seen by now). At first I didn't want to buy the pattern. I'm still kind of peeved that she kept promising a certain pattern for argyle knee highs, and has yet to deliver. (I wouldn't be so annoyed except that I e-mailed her back in the spring and she told me she would have the pattern out in a month, and she had to because it was promised as a prize for something. And yet, here we are, no pattern. It's not that there's no pattern. But don't tell someone you ARE going to do something, and the don't do it. Big peeve of mine.) But I digress...I quickly put that aside and bought the pattern. I must have these mittens, now. I wanted them to match my hat, so Dale Baby Ull yarn was my choice. I ordered the same colors as my kit and it arrived yesterday. But wait! That gray looks a lot darker. apparently, I accidently ordered the wrong shade. Rather than pay to ship it back, and pay to ship the right color, I decided to keep it. And promptly ordered one ball, in the right shade. It should be here by Friday. I'm so deranged....

I'm sure you all have seen the new issue of Knitty as well. This is by far, my favorite issue. I saw plenty of patterns that I not only liked, but that I would actually knit. My favorite is Argosy. I was on a yarn shopping kick when I saw this pattern (hat and mitten yarn, remember?) and I figured I could use a new scarf to finish the set. I know it doesn't exactly go with the Norweigen look, but who cares.... I ordered the silk garden lite, which I've been wanting to try, in the same color shown in the pattern. I can't wait to get started on that too.

Of course, there is something new in my life that is taking my precious knitting time. Want to see what?

That be my Christmas present from Jason. I've been wanting one of these for quite awhile. Yes, I got it a wee early. Jason is as bad as me at keeping secrets. He was so excited that he found a Pink Nintendo ds, that he had to give it to me right away. Jason is buddies with an employee at our local Gamestop, and he e-mailed Jason the other day to let him know that they just received one pink ds. Jason went out an hour later and bought it. Apparently, the pink ones are hard to find. And you know me, I only wanted a pink one. Which turns out, was a smart idea. If I opened this on Christmas, you wouldn't be able to get me to do anything. Me and Super Mario Bros. = no sleep...

Phew... that was a windy update. Bored yet? I guess I had a lot to say tonight. That's what happens when you have no one to talk to, in real life (hell, online either)

I'll leave you with this picture of my kiddos, taken on Black Friday. They were playing in the "Leaf River" at Grandmom's house :)

*Hmmm... I can't get the spell check to work, so please ignore the many typos in this post.*