Poke You With My Sticks


Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Hold on to your seats folks, I have nothing to say. That's a lie. How about, I have very little to say. Yeah, that works.
This last week has been all wrong for me. In every aspect. Fighting with the hubby. (We made up last night. And not like that, dirty people!) Fighting with the kids who are getting too big for their britches. Knitting hasn't been going well at all.
I complain a lot. I noticed it the other day when talking to a Mom from preschool. And I felt pretty stupid complaining about the stupidest things, often. And yet, I find myself wanting to complain again tonight. If I don't, there's nothing to blog about. How about some random thoughts for tonight?

--I don't have my "C is for" post ready, I can't decide on anything.
--The ella rae r-shirt sweater has been banished from my knitting bag. I'm not going to go into details right now, but after a bunch of "little, fixable problems" I've decided we need some time apart. I haven't decided if I will re-make it (again) or use the yarn for something else.
--That super cute Odessa hat I made is no more. Emily wore it to school on Thursday. Thursday also happened to be the first time I let her go home with a friend for a play date. Said friend's Mom took the kids to Target then to the house for playtime. Somewhere between all of that, the hat disappeared. I'm kind of mad at the Mom, because I know she didn't look too hard for it. Maybe if she were a knitter, and realized that the ball of yarn used for that hat was $8.00, maybe then she would have bothered.
--Because Emily lost my hat, I am having second thoughts on making her one of her own, with the same brand yarn, so she can lose it. Grr! And I even ordered size 4 and 6, 16" Addis circs, and now don't really "need" them.
--I hate Virginia. I just wanted one decent snow shower. 3 or 4 inches would make me happy, even thought I know it would melt the next day. And my brother, who lives an hour away, got 5 inches. We got dust.
--It was 56 degrees today, and tomorrow is going to be in the 60's. This is why I didn't even bother to knit my Latvian mittens. They would just sit in the closet. I'll knit them this summer, just in case we have a winter next year. hah!

I'm not going to read over what I wrote before posting. It is all random thoughts. I realize they might sound silly, make no sense, and may not interest you. But that's all I've got right now.