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Blame this post on the Wine

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Here we are, Friday night, nearly midnight doing nothing. I really hate to have a pity party on my blog because I'm sure no one wants to hear it, but you know what...if I can't cry here, where the hell can I?

I just feel so lonely and sad. Like I lost my family. And that family, they sure haven't acted like it's bothering them any. This great group that I thought I had an amazing bond with, I feel like the last year was one big lie. Did they go home and complain about me? Did they groan when they saw me walking in? I know it doesn't really matter either way...And sure there's a good chance the answers are no, but right now, at this very moment, I feel like the answers are yes. And it really hurts.

Sorry for being so cryptic...I do plan on filling you in on what happened at some point. I'm hoping that writing about it will help me move on and forget about it. I just don't feel up to it just yet.

Ummm...Some quick knitting stuff.

Salina is finished. I have to do some sleeve shortening surgery, and then she'll make her debut. I started my sockapalooza socks, nice and bright. Pictures soon. I need to find something for 'F' for the ABC-along. I was going to use Friendship, but I guess there's no need to explain why that's not going to work now.

I did some fun work today....Two coats of primer in the bathroom. Tomorrow, I'm going to buy some paint (I'm thinking yellow) and a new shower curtain and other things for the bathroom. I'll be painting tomorrow night. Next week, I start on the Master bath. (We've been in the house 29 months, and it's still not started). I'm calling this: Operation Too Busy To Think About It. How's that sound?

And finally, thanks for all the compliments on the haircut. You guys sure know how to make a girl blush. I also noticed a few new people commenting...I hope this pity post doesn't scare you away. rest assure, this is not a common occurance around here.

Have a great week-end!