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Friday, May 18, 2007

Meet Stanley!!!

This is my new baby. On Mother's day, the kids and I went to a small local festival with my parents. We usually try to go every year. There's live bands, pony rides, craft for kids, loads of vendors, and all that great fair food. This year, there was a woman there who was giving away kittens. At first, I resisted. Even when the kids started begging. But we don't need another cat. Really. A little while later, my son asked how much they were. When the lady said free to a good home, I knew it was over. I have always wanted a tan/orange cat. We always manage to get black/white/gray. This was the only one who was all orange/tan.

It took us a day to come up with a name. We were going to go with Milo, but it just didn't fit him. The hubby suggested Stanley, and you know what? I think he really looks like a Stanley. So the name stuck. This little guy is a sweetheart! He's 7 weeks old. He went to the vet monday, and other than worms (which I'm told are normal for new kitties) he's in perfect health. Stanley weighed in at 1.6 pounds. He was already sort of litter trained, although we did find a little poo once or twice the first day. Since then, he's using the litter box. He won't use the small one though. He uses the big one that the other 3 big kitties use. He purrs all the time! While playing, eating, sleeping... The other kitties didn't purr when they were young so this is a nice treat. It sounds so cute! the other cats have warmed up to Stanley. Smudge, the mother hen, has taken to bathing him. Of course, now he follows her around batting at her tail. Smart girl, she just ignores him and walks away. He naps in my lap during the day, and give me baby kitty kisses. I'm in love.
He really has blended in quite nicely :)

Hehe...Look, he's a little bigger than a skein of yarn pirate sock yarn :)