Poke You With My Sticks


Monday, May 08, 2006

Things I planned on posting about today...

1) My kick ass birthday box from Debi.
2) My birthday that was really quite crappy.
3) The lace scarf that I finished.
4) The socks that I am working on (so loving the yarn, more on this another day)
5) SoXperience-- I have a traval pal, and a hotel room and we're all set

But instead of all that fun stuff I'm going to exercise my right to complain!

I feel like crap. I have this nasty sinus infection cold thing. On friday it was well over 80 degrees out, today I don't think it's going to hit 60. And it's raining. This weather crap is making it harder for my cold to go away.
My Birthday was a big ol bust (thank God for Debi!) Mostly due to the hubby who screwed up big time. I won't go into it right now because I can't see half of what I'm typing. No, not because I'm sick. Because the hubby decided to "fix" my computer yesterday for 7 hours and now it's worse off. In fact, I can't even do a system restore. I get some crazy ass error message. messing with my computer is not a good thing. Fucking it up after fucking up my birthday....It's any wonder how the guy is still living.

So I barely dragged my ass out of bed today. been dozing off and on while monkey girl gets a whole day of nick jr...And the only thing I really wanted was the mail. Which just came (230pm) I got dressed, walked all the way to the mail box in the cold nasty rain all for................ Nothing but a damn bill.

All I wanted was my sockapaloooza socks. I hope they're on the way, I haven't heard anything yet.
Know what else I want? Dayquil...Anyone want to run to Wal-mart for me?

I'm going back to bed...And hopefully I won't wake up until tomorrow.