Poke You With My Sticks


Friday, July 07, 2006

We finally made it home last night. 10 hour car trips are a little too much for all of us...I don't think we'll be doing too many in the future. We all woke up with colds/sinus infections. I haven't even thought about unpacking yet...Our pool looks like it's ready to collapse. Apparently, it rained A LOT while we were gone, the ground got too soft on one side and now the pool is leaning badly so I've been outside all morning trying to fix things. It doesn't look good. Both kids have baseball practice, tomorrow morning. Oh...And I haven't touched a knitting needle since last Friday..Not one bit. Withdrawal anyone?

but none of this matters.

We got some sad news yesterday. I called my Mom when we were about 2.5 hours away so she would have an idea when we get home, and not worry. I knew right away something was wrong. 10 years ago I got a cat, Cricket. I went to college, she stayed home. So when I got married, she stayed home with Mom, where she's been ever since. Mom found her outside yesterday crying and acting funny, barely walking. My Dad took her to the vet right away. Apparently, she had a blood clot near her heat and it burst, paralyzing her back paws and her tail, and she was having trouble breathing. there was no gaurantee she would survive for long, if at all. It was decided it was best to out her to sleep. The Vet said these things just happen, without warning. Our little Cricket. She was a huge pain in the ass, but she was our pain in the ass. The last few months she had become a lot more loving/cuddly. We will all miss her, Mom especially. The kids are upset about it. Emily keeps saying, "You mean we won't see her any more?" It's all very sad. (I don't have any pictures of her nearby, I'll try and post one over the week-end.)

We're off to go visit Mom. Try and cheer her up some. I haven't looked at any e-mail yet and I took a quick glance at bloglines. 245 feeds...I'll be busy catching up for a while. It will take all week-end to get things in order around here. I'll post in a couple days with vacation details, among other things.