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Monday, November 20, 2006

I have some absolutely damn good news and I just have to tell someone....

For the last two years, the Hubby has been working at a big-name micron technology company (the parent company). He didn't work directly for them though, he was sub-contracted through his actual employer. The problem with sub-contracting is once that contract is up there's no guarantee you will get another. Jason's re-newel is coming up in February so we were starting to get a little stressed. But no worries anymore! Last week, the Parent company offered Jason a permanent position, which he gladly accepted today!!! It's a big deal because they came to Jason and asked him to come in for an interview. He will still be on nights (bleh!) But the family has gotten used to that schedule now so it won't be too bad. The best part, besides the nice pay raise...the insurance is way better! No more stinky United Healthcare (which I am currently fighting with over a check up they won't pay for), and our new insurance costs half of what we're paying now. Woo! This is a huge relief, and if things go as planned, we are going to be just fine. The contract they sent includes bi-yearly bonuses, which means we'll be killing some major debt next year. That is such a huge load off for both of us!! I feel like I'm being giving a second chance, and I'm damn sure not going to screw up this time... And did I mention how proud I am of the Hubby for pulling this off? He totally rocks ;)

So that's the important good news. But there is something else I'm dieing to share with you. Here, why don't I just show you....

That, my dear readers, is Sock Hop Yarn. Two skeins of Wild Thing on the left, and two skeins of American Pie on the right. Here's a so-so close up for you...

I LOVE this yarn. A little bird warned me in advance that this was going to be up for sale last week. I'm not lieing when I say I refreshed the page every ten seconds (seriously!) until it was there! Talk about fast shipping too! This yarn is even better than people have been saying. It is sooo soft. I don't know how I'm going to part with it. Yes, you read that right. I can't afford to keep both. But when I bought it, I couldn't decide on a color so I bought both figuring I'll have no trouble getting rid of the other. I'm keeping the American Pie, which means Wild Thing is up for grabs. I considered putting it up on ebay. I've never sold on ebay before and after looking into it, I don't plan on it. It's too much trouble for two skeins of yarn. Plus, I would have to upgrade my paypal account which I don't want to do. So now I'm torn on what to do with it. Do I just list it on the blog for sale? Maybe a trade for something kick-ass? What do you guys think?

I have been knitting on some socks...I really want to finish the second one before I share with you. I can honestly say out of all of my handknit socks, these are the BEST! I'm totally in love. Hopefully, I'll have them done in the next week or so. Who knows how much knitting time I'll have with the Holiday upon us.

I've been sewing a little too...Here's what I made over the week-end.

I used Amy Butler charm squares, quilted them, and voila! A lined messenger bag of my own. I didn't use a pattern. I just sort of made it up as I went. It has a magnetic snap closure, and a zippered interior pocket (the inside is plain brown). It was an interesting project, not having a pattern. I'm the person who has to have a pattern. I couldn't find one that I liked though. There are a few things I will do differently next time, but for the "proto-type", it works.

Here's the back if you want to see. That's my fat cat Tommy. He was "helping" me take pictures. Little stinker, kept swatting at the bag and making it move.

That's all I've got for now. Have a great Thanksgiving...Eat lots of turkey ;)